Flinga - Interactive learning environment

Collecting and building data

Flinga is a new Finnish application that diversifies the interaction between teacher and students at classroom.

Flinga enables mobile devices (tablets, smartphones and laptops) and classroom’s devices (interactive whiteboards and projectors) to create an inspiring learning environment.

Mobile learning

BYOD model for the entire school

Flinga applications will be contacted via browser based HTML5 sender which can be used in modern devices.

Knowledge building

Flinga HTML5 sender enables you to send text, pictures and drawings to Flinga Base application. All the sent objects can be freely moved and their size and position can also be converted.

With Flinga it is possible to collect students comments, questions and answers quickly and easily for all to see. Flinga enables students to participate either individually or simultaneously to conversations or questions asked by the teacher.

Mind mapping

Flinga MIND is a new type of mind map application where words can be structured and grouped to hierarchical mind maps. Words are easy to move from a mind map to another and the application also allows a fully automatic structuring of mind map.

Flinga MIND enables collaborative knowledge building either with the effort of small groups or the whole class.

Classroom backchannel

Flinga Arena offers you an easy way to increase interactivity in traditional classroom environment. Audience send comments, questions and feedback. Discuss, vote and learn.

Flinga Arena is suitable for classroom use and Flinga ArenaPlus is suitable for auditorium use for larger audience.

How to start using Flinga

Step 1

Download the application

Download and install the application on your computer. Allow the application to connect through the firewall.

Step 2

Start Flinga session

When you start the application contact window opens. Session name and key are selected in this view. During the session contact window can be opened by clicking the contact icon in the top right corner. The contact icon also shows how many users are connected to the session.

Step 3

Join the session

To use Flinga sender open the web address http://flinga.nordtouch.fi, with your mobile device or just sign in by using QR-code seen in the contact window. In sender's login page write the session name and the key. Then press the join button.

Download Flinga

Try Flinga 14 days free of charge

Download Flinga Windows or Mac version. You can try Flinga applications 14 days free of charge. In trial version 10 simultaneous senders can join the session.

Purchasing Flinga license

Flinga license* is 79€ per application for 1 year. You can acquire your license from our store or by contacting our customer service.

These licenses are for educational purposes only.

Web Store

* supports 30 simultaneous senders


Nordtouch is a start-up found in 2012 In Espoo, Finland. We focus on learning and group working environments for touch display devices, user interface design and enabling interaction between a variety of different devices and applications.


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