About us

Nordtouch is an innovative Finnish software company founded in 2012 in Espoo, Finland. We create easy-to-use digital solutions for modern learning environments. We believe in the importance of collaborative learning where students should be producing and contributing content together with other students as a part of their learning process. Additionally the technology should be a natural part of this process, not the main tool.

Nordtouch aims to diversify the interaction between students by combining teachers, innovative digital tools and learning materials. Our vision is to develop a new way of collaborative working and learning, where technology enables to more diverse interactions between students. We believe in modern technology solutions, where technology helps users to produce more creative, visual and more collaborative material.

Flinga enables mobile devices (tablets, smartphones and laptops) and classroom's devices to create an inspiring learning environment.
With Flinga teaching becomes interactive and it gives the teacher new methods to keep the classroom active.

Introducing Flinga

Collaborative knowledge building

Flinga is a Finnish application that diversifies the interaction between a teacher and students in a classroom. By using Flinga students can easily produce content together directly via browser. The application provides an easy to use and versatile visualization tool for discussions, note-taking, as well as the general ideas. The application functions on most used mobile devices (HTML5 support) and enable schools the use of BYOD (Bring your own device) - environments.


Interactive learning environment

Flinga application combines different mobile devices to function as a tool for collaborative knowledge building. Flinga allows students to participate either individually or simultaneously to conversations or questions asked by the teacher. With Flinga it is possible to collect students’ comments, questions and answers quickly and easily for all to see. The entire classroom can simultaneously participate in collaborative working in a new, easy and a fun way.

Use directly via browser

Flinga does not require any separate downloading of an application, as it works directly in a browser. Additionally to this, the application is easy to use and designed for primary education all the way to university education.

Flinga offers an easy way to increase interactivity in traditional classroom environment.
Flinga enables collaborative knowledge building either with the effort of small groups or the whole class.

For Publishers

Nordtouch introduces a new and inspiring environment for learning.

Learning material, a pedagogue and learning tools are the requirements for a successful learning experience of a student. Publishers contribute to the learning experience by providing the learning material, whereas teachers functions as the pedagogue in the process. To connect these stages, Flinga offers the learning tools, which engages the student to more active learning, making learning a more dynamic process.


Collaborative digital environment

In collaboration with others, the student will produce own content by uniting common thoughts and ideas. Furthermore Flinga allow students to simultaneously work, brainstorm and write down notes in groups. Flinga will revolutionize and enhance the way student study and the way they learn. By understanding, analyzing and producing the content themselves, students will gain and remember the material in another way than solely by studying the “traditional way”. Furthermore Flinga aims to inspire every student in the classroom to participate in classroom discussions and therefore help towards a more interactive learning environment among students.


Our customers



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Flinga aims to inspire every student in the classroom to participate in classroom discussions and therefore help towards a more interactive learning environment among students.

Our team


Ilari Raja

Co-Founder & CEO

Ilari is a software designer passionate about user-centered design and gestural user interfaces. He has strong understanding about collaborative learning tools.


Joni Mertoniemi

Co-Founder & CTO

Joni is result-driven lead programmer with extensive experience in various software languages and frameworks. He has a solid background in large and successful international programming projects.


Aleksi Partanen


Aleksi is the founder of Nervogrid, an international Cloud Service Broker, acquiredby ALSO Holding AG (SWX:ALSN). He worked as the CEO of Nervogrid during 2009-2013 and managed the exponential growth from zero to 300 resellers in +25 countries in only two years.


Lasse Lehtinen


Lasse has years of experience and a strong track record in managing international B2B sales, marketing, market entries and business development in international growth companies.