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Active learning

Flinga platform combines different mobile devices to function as a tool for collaborative knowledge construction. Flinga allows students to participate either individually or simultaneously to conversations or questions asked by the teacher. With Flinga it is possible to collect students’ comments, questions and answers quickly and easily for all to see. The entire classroom can simultaneously participate in collaborative working in a new, easy and a fun way.



Flinga diversifies the interaction between a teacher and students in a classroom. By using Flinga students can easily produce and construct content together directly via browser. Flinga provides an easy to use and versatile visualization tools for discussions, brainstorming, mind mapping and collecting feedback.

Use directly via browser

Flinga does not require any separate downloading of an application, as it works directly in a browser. The application functions on most used mobile devices (HTML5 support) and enable schools the use of BYOD (Bring your own device) - environments.

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With Flinga Activities you are able to be more effective with your time while at the same time creating meaningful, activating and collaborative learning assignments to your students. We have created these to support your teaching but also to showcase the potential of technology-mediated collaborative knowledge creation in education.

The activities contain short, step-by-step pedagogical guides on how to use Flinga in different learning situations aiming from creative innovation to complex problem solving, from small group sessions to mass lectures. The activities are based on practical knowledge from the field and backed with findings from contemporary educational research.

We believe in the importance of collaborative learning where students should be producing and contributing content together with other students as a part of their learning process.

About us

Here in Flinga we are fans of technology-mediated collaborative and creative learning. Instead of just aiming towards knowledge acquisition we are looking to support activities that include also the construction of new knowledge. We aim to help develop your teaching and learning practices and facilitate your students thinking, from small groups to big faculties. With the help of our tools you can strive to integrate individual learning pathways with collaborative knowledge construction.

Our tools are designed to support the development of various cognitive, metacognitive and practical skills defined also as 21st century skills. We look forward to seeing learners everywhere exceeding themselves and move beyond their individual limitations by building new learning practices mediated by each other.

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