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New technology to change the way of learning

Today’s school system can be compared to an airplane cabin, where all digital equipment need to be shut down before “takeoff”. In the future school system students will instead be encourage to use their own mobile equipment. Since a familiar tool is convenient to be used as a learning aid whenever it is needed. New information and communication technologies will be used for educational purposes, as families equip themselves with the latest technology in their homes.

The youngest generation is almost born with an iPad in their lap. When this generation starts school, our school system will have a totally new kind of student group to teach. This will greatly affect the teacher’s work and teaching methods.

Therefore teachers should take in new technology with open arms and relate to it with the same curiosity as children and youth do. However, it is essential that teachers recognize that it is acceptable not to be computer coders and that they can and should ask students for help with technology. They need to be able to give up the traditional role, where the teacher should know everything and instead focus upon being pedagogic experts.

The future school will in the eyes of an expert be more connected to the society. Students will gather information and knowledge outside of the school. Digital equipment will be used in knowledge gathering and sharing. In classrooms and other learning surroundings this information will then be analyzed and discussed together with others and the teacher will function as the leader of the learning process. With the help of technology, student will be able to receive immediate feedback of their school work. Future learning surroundings will make use of traditional and modern learning solutions. Technology will be present, however not replacing face-to-face learning. Teachers should help students conceptualize things and find meaning in the learning material.

As new technology is developed all the time, schools do not know in which technology to attach themselves. One solution, as already mentioned, could be the use of students own digital equipment. Therefore, schools could buy digital devices for those students who do not have the possibility to buy their own.

Technological developments may change the daily life of the school system, a lot. Therefore, decisions now considered is if students should really use their time to learn things that can quickly be searched from the internet? Also, the role of a school book will be considered. Will paper books be replaced completely with digital books or maybe even changeable learning surroundings were the students themselves are producers of the content. Then a school book would not be just a book, it would be a changing and personalized learning platform.

However, in every school there will be those opposing to digital possibilities. Therefore, school systems are something that will be changing in an extremely slow pace.

This article is based on the following interviews: Jyväskylä’s head of the Department of Teacher Education Tiina Silander, Deputy Director Matti Rautiainen, Pedagogic Director Emma Kostiainen, Researcher Päivikki Jääskelä and Lecturer Ulla Klemola. University of Jyväskylä, Institute for Educational Research, Professor, Director of the strength of the region Päivi Häkkinen and Researcher Merja Juntunen.


Originally posted by: Savon Sanomat